Essentials Of A Customer Service Resume

Fundamentals of Customer Service Resume Creation

While writing a resume can be something challenging, creating a customer care resume is another challenge on its own. It is essential to understand that while all resumes are all about selling the skills and knowledge that the applicants possess, when it comes to customer care jobs, there are those attributes that are given preference over everything else.

The kind of skills that are usually focused on when it comes to customer care jobs generally include soft skills. These are skills like proper communication abilities and strong interpersonal skills. As the name suggests, customer service work usually involves working directly with other people. This means that any good customer service agent has to be able to interact well with customers. They also have to be able to work well with other employees. These agents are the connection between the customers and the business, as well as the employees and the customers.

Elements to Include In Your Customer Service Resume

As we have seen, even though all resumes usually work towards the same goal of helping an applicant get an interview and eventually the job, it is somewhat different when it comes to customer service resumes due to the kind of attributes that are given preference. However, what are the things that one should include when writing a customer service resume? Here is a look at what these elements are;

  1. Include the most appropriate information – make sure to include all the most essential details in your resume. Ensure that you include your name, contact info, education information, and experience.
  2. Create a skill section that focuses on your soft skills – we have seen that customer service jobs usually favor soft skills over hard skills. Although both are important, it is better to focus on your soft skills when applying for these kinds of jobs.
  3. Shine a light on your experience – this is very important. Always ensure to include any experience you have as a customer service agent. Make sure to mention all of the most recent experiences that you have had. Mention any customer care positions you have held within the past ten years.
  4. Utilize appropriate keywords – as we mentioned above, you must try to focus on your soft skills as these are the essential skills for customer service jobs. It would be best if you made a point to utilize proper customer care keywords. The use of some of the craft's words not only orients your resume in the customer service field direction, but it also speaks to your experience in the area.

It is also imperative to understand that when it comes to customer service posts, the recruiters will also be on the lookout for signs that an applicant is not only punctual but also very responsible. This is due to a straightforward fact; customer service jobs usually involve handling cash or shift rotations where one employee has to be on time to replace another as shifts change.

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