We have 4 tips for getting ready for graduation. Write the formulas

Although it may seem that graduation is still in sight, preparation for it is not to be underestimated. You run away like water and suddenly you may find yourself in front of one of the hardest trials of your study years.

Yes, you cannot fully assume that tomorrow – almost three months before graduation – you can start learning, making notes, working on topics and, if necessary, looking for tutoring is certainly appropriate.

In preparation for the leaving examination, you will find a sufficient number of different courses in the offer, which promise to help you graduate through the Graduation Marathon. But it is not a necessity. Even without paid professional courses, graduation is composed with ease, but it requires careful preparation.

Obtain materials

In order to be able to effectively prepare for the school leaving exam, it is essential to get all the materials you need. Search for work blocks, exercise booklets, and textbooks in your closets and drawers.

Are you missing some material? This is exactly the right moment to secure a long-term loan in the library and start listing. Do not hesitate. Normally, it happens that someone else you are looking for needs someone else and may not be readily available.

Compulsory graduation reading

Reading is often a delayed duty, many times also dismissed. The idea that you get relevant information about publications from unverified websites is in many cases mistaken. To avoid unpleasant failure, it’s time to start reading and processing your books’ content.

The best way to do this is to write notes on your computer where you can easily edit them at any time.

Summary of formulas

It is also a good time to dust off mathematical and chemical tables. Start writing important formulas and propositions for the areas of matter. It is also advantageous to get to know the tables (know how they are structured) so that you do not have to sweat more than you need to sweat. In the exercise books, highlight the examples that were problematic for you, and remember to remember their solutions from time to time.


Do you feel that you have gaps in a substance that don’t fill the textbook study? If so, then the best time is to provide tutoring. There should be no problem at all during this period. University students and secondary school teachers often offer graduates relatively affordable tutoring.

A person who understands the subject will bring you the substance and explain it better than textbooks. Tutoring is especially popular in the areas of mathematics, physics and English, where it is probably the most important.

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